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Wood Pellet Bedding - the easy affordable bedding choice

Fed up with difficult mucking-out, a full muck heap or a messy yard?
Made from clean processed wood at the sawmill, our wood pellet bedding is a great product with lots of benefits for single horse owners or for large yards. Call us now to arrange to see it in use and for a starter kit to try it for yourself!
These pellets are NOT made from chopped up pallets, recycled used wood, or any other undesirable products.
The wood used is entirely clean off-cuts from the sawmill process, so there are no nails, staples, metal, etc. in the bedding.
A simple choice...    
15kg Bag in a suitable preparation Tub   Bedding has always been a major part of keeping a horse stabled, and there are lots of choices, each with their own benefits. However having used wood pellet bedding, we have found it to be the most versatile solution.

The 15kg bag shown (left) makes up the amount of bed shown in the blue tub.

       ** Free Tub with your first full pallet order! **
Clean & Tidy
Wood pellet bedding, whilst similar in consistency to shavings, is slightly denser so doesn't blow around your yard, and is far less likely to be walked out of the stable by your horses.

With a proportion of pine within the wood make-up, our pellets have a mildly antiseptic nature making them an ideal bedding for mares and foals, infirm horses, or those prone to disease.

With a high absorbency rate, urine and wet form into lumps that are easily skipped out, and droppings dry out quickly for easy removal. The low resulting moisture levels significantly reduce odour in your stables and yard.
Mare & Foal stabled on Wood Pellet Bedding

Easy & Cost Effective
Wood Pellet Bedding Easy to prepare - simply fill a tub with the bag contents and pour in a bucketful of water. In about two hours, the bedding is fluffed and ready to use.

Once established , a wood pellet bed is cheap to maintain because you don't take out as much bedding as with sawdust, straw, or other branded "super bedding".

Available per bag, or in full pallets (66 x 15kg bags), for collection, or delivery throughout the Midlands, our pellets offer a cost comparable solution for the thrifty owner.
Contact us for prices, availability or to arrange a visit
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