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Treatment Centre Treatment Centre
Modern and well equipped Centre for safe treatment of horses
Stocks, Foal pen, Waiting Room, Toilets and Isolation Stable
Available to Hire by the hour or by the day / half-day.
Treatment Centre Artificial Insemination
Excellent service and care of your mare by Qualified Staff
Fresh or chilled semen can be used for insemination
Insemination possible with foal-at-foot
Complete Foaling Service  Complete Foaling Service
Care of your Mare & Foal from Insemination to Weaning
Total care throughout the foaling period in well equipped facilities
CCTV monitoring in generous, modern stables
Calm and relaxed environment
Handling of Youngstock Handling of Youngstock
Weaned yearlings and youngsters handled and taught some manners
Groundwork to ease equine handling, transport, stabling and work
Safe and calm environment for handling
Patient and capable staff offering the best care
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