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Fertiliser Spreading
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Computer controlled Fertiliser Application + GPS guidance

High volume fertiliser application at specific rates
Fertiliser is an expensive input and every kilo counts. We can help apply the required amount accurately and swiftly
Large Twin Disc Spreader    
Fertiliser Spreader   Regardless of your acreage, fertiliser needs to be applied carefully to ensure the best results and minimal wastage.

Our twin disc spreader can spread from 12 to 24 metres at a specific calibrated rate, governed by the in-cab computer.

The large hopper enables over two tonnes of material to be loaded in one hit, where appropriate reducing downtime at the headland
    Accurate Measuring & GPS
The in cab controls monitor use of fertiliser and the area covered allowing accurate record keeping.

The application rate can be manually varied on the move to apply the appropriate amount to different field areas. Assisting poor patches or saving fertiliser in better areas.

The in-cab control monitors ground speed and adjusts delivery rates if the tractor speed varies.

Now with GPS guidance,                          
and the option of variable rate based on SOYL maps. 
  Fertiliser Spreader 
Self Sufficient Service    
Self Sufficient Service   If required, we can not only source the fertiliser for application, but with our Crane and Low-loader combination, we are totally self sufficient for loading and spreading bagged fertiliser.

With access to agronomists, we can also ensure that the ideal level of fertiliser is applied to your grass or crop, saving you money.
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Fertiliser Spreader 
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