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High quality Compost made from "Food Added Green Waste"
Ideal as a Soil Improver or Top Dressing for Arable or Grass

Environmentally friendly, odourless fertiliser supplement
Time to reduce your reliance on manufactured fertiliser and improve your green credentials by using recycled material. Although often called Green Waste, this product is NOT considered Waste by the Environment Agency and therefore requires no licences or exemptions (except for Organic applications). It can be stored in-field and has none of the unpleasant attributes of chicken litter, cattle / pig manure, or sewage sludge. Spreading periods are much greater than FYM or fertiliser, with very few restrictions.
Available in bulk & spread, or in half ton bags (1m3)
    10mm PAS100 CQP Compost
Green Waste Compost    We have selected 10mm grade compost to supply to you, to ensure that the most is made of the available nutrients and minerals within the compost.

Produced in a sealed chamber that is pressure, temperature and moisture controlled, the resulting compost is of a significantly higher quality than other "green wastes", in both form and content.

This compost is recycled green and food waste collected from South & Central Warwickshire households.
Compost Spread Accurately    
Using a Bio type spreader with Horizontal Beaters and spinning discs, we can offer a consistent spread to at least 12 metres. Top dressing may be possible at 24 metres depending on conditions.

Fitted with weigh cells, and electrically controlled slats, we can ensure accurate rates of application so you get the very best from your chosen quantity.
  Spreading Compost 
Material Analysis*
Green Waste Compost Analysis

*Precise analysis may vary
Organic Options     
Under current Organic schemes this compost may be spread, subject to a suitable derogation from your Organic Authority.

As such, it makes an ideal means of applying fertiliser without compromising any Organic credentials on your farm or holding.
  Trial Plot 
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Spreading Compost onto Rape stubble
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