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8 metre Tine Harrows fitted with Air Seeder unit

Ideal for over-seeding and re-seeding of grass, clover, rape etc.
Tine harrows will hugely benefit existing grassland or ensure good new ley seed deployment in cultivated ground.
Springtime Grass Care    
Grass Harrows and Seeder Unit    Maximise grass growth in the spring by Tine Harrowing. The action of the tines will pull out dead grass material, thatch and thicker weed material, while scratching at the soil surface to encourage fresh growth.

Additionally any manure, either spread or from grazing animals, will be broken up and distributed.

Tines provide a much better result than chain equivalents due to the vibrating action and the ability to apply pressure to the tine itself.

    Over-seeding / Re-seeding
Harrowing is and ideal way to apply seed either into existing ley or to establish a new ley. Using the Air Seeder unit, controlled by the in-cab computer, seed can be applied accurately and uniformly to your field.

With current seed prices very high, this method of seeding makes good financial sense as the level of seed can be metered accurately and even varied from area to area.
**Now supported with GPS Guidance for accuracy**
  Computer Control Unit 
More than just Grass Seed    
Other Seeds   With adjustable tines, the harrows can be easily set for drilling into cultivated ground to establish fresh crops.

Although pictured here on grassland, we have had great success drilling other types of seed, including Clover & Wildflower mixes.

Other possible seed types that we can apply include Oilseed Rape, Cover Crops, and Mustard.
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Air Seeder & Tine Harrows
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