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8 metre reach machine with Flail head

We can cut the bits that the others miss!
Our long reach hedge cutter enables cutting or trimming of hedges exactly like all others. However it can also reach a lot further than others, enabling us to cut grass in deep ditches, reach out to inaccessible hedges, and up high to trim tall hedges.
Yearly Trim or big Cut-Back    
Hedge Cutting - Wide Reach   Our capable machine enables neat, tidy year-on-year trimming or multi year cut back, complying with Stewardship schemes and CFE requirements.

With a huge vertical and outward reach, we can neatly top out hedges while maintaining their height.

If your regular hedge cutting contractor has to leave bits due to lack of reach, why not ask us to follow him through and catch the bits he has to miss?
    Keep Ditches Clear
We can trim down into deep ditches and cut both banks allowing good flow of water and management of foliage growth.

We can cut back overgrown plant-life to enable easier ditching-out by improving visibility and access.

Banks can be mown completely, where a mower would be impractical.
  Hedge Cutting - Ditches
Flail Cutting Head    
Flail Cutting Head   The Picture on the left shows the Flail cutting head. Fitted with a hydraulic roller and large HD Flails, it allows clean professional cutting of hedges, and verge finishing without changing heads or stopping to adjust the roller.

When lowered, the roller stops the risk of scalping the grass verges, but can be folded up to enable clean cutting of hedges.

The large HD Flails will cut through thicker material and have the weight and momentum to enable a single clean cut reducing shatter significantly.

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Long Reach Hedge Cutter
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