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Air Seeder and Tine Harrows Grass Care/Upkeep Package
We can assist with the ongoing maintenance and improvement
of grassland and pasture, by forming a management plan with you.
Our range of services can be tailored to meet your grass needs
from over-seeding, to sub-soiling and weed eradication.
Grassland Sward Lifter Sward (grass) Improvement
Grassland Swards can be improved to suit grazing or cropping.
We can offer methods to improve the sward to suit your needs.
Our methods can be tailored to suit organic and low input schemes.
Long Reach Hedge Cutter Hedge Cutting/Trimming
Full Hedge Cutting / Trimming service by trained operators.
Ideal to keep your hedges tidy, or recover their shape if they have overgrown.
We can also mow banks, gullies and ditches.
Access Improvement Access Improvement
Improvement of access into your property.
Cutting back of Hedges / Branches.
Scraping driveways / gateways and laying stone or chippings on tracks.
Gate Hanging and ground levelling.  Forming of new tracks.
IBC Bulk Water Carriers Water Supplies
Pipe laying from your mains supply to water troughs / taps.
Protection against frost (requires mains electrical power supply).
IBC water carriers can be supplied where no mains water is present.
Drainage Basic Drainage
Flooding and water-logging can be alleviated by laying simple drainage runs.
Ditch clearance to help water flow from your fields.
Drainage piping laid to help flow of water into ditches.
Fencing Fence Repairs / Fencing
Fence repairs carried out to maintain stock-proof boundaries
Specialist contractors available through ourselves for more complex fencing.
Temporary fencing solutions to maximise grazing.
Mowing & Topping Mowing & Topping
From small paddocks to large acreages.
Tidy up your grassland and keep it under control.
Open up rough areas for grazing or cropping.
Strip Spraying Weed Control
Spot and strip spraying to tackle troublesome weeds.
Non Chemical solutions for weed control.
Assistance with timing of weed control.
Conventional Baling Haymaking
Complete Small Bale Haymaking Service. "From grass to barn".
Assistance with grass preparation from early spring if required.
Full stacking and carting service available.
Estate Care
Assistance with the management of your fields and ground.
Complete packages or assistance when needed.
Get the best from your property.
Contact us via phone or e-mail for more details, or to arrange a quote/site visit:
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