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Quad Bike & Knapsack Spraying

PA1,2,6 Qualified Staff and access to excellent Agronomy advice
Careful and conscientious spraying by our qualified team.
Quad Bike Spraying    
Quad Bike Spraying    Our versatile spot and strip spraying combination mounted on our Quad bike enables low impact spraying of footpaths, drives, tracks, small enclosures or patches within fields.
(Quad is shown here on our sprayer wash-down pad).

With a long hose and lance, the unit also provides a self sufficient and mobile means of spot spraying.

Water can be brought to the site with the Quad ensuring total self sufficiency.
    Knapsack Spraying
In addition to the Quad Bike, we can also provide a qualified staff member and knapsack sprayer for areas that can't be reached by the Quad.

Don't put yourself at risk by spraying without the relevant training or qualifications. Our team will handle all the chemical mixing and the application process giving you peace of mind and saving you time.
  Hay Fields 
Qualified & Insured Staff    
Paddock weeds    Our staff have attained the appropriate certificates for spraying (PA1, PA2, PA6) and are fully insured for spraying operations, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our Agronomists can advise on the correct chemical for your particular issue and relevant application timings, rates and frequencies.

We can then source the appropriate chemical for applying to your ground and mix to the required dose.
Contact us for prices and availability / timings
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