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Are you getting the most from your grassland?
Could your stock benefit from improved grass quality, longer turnout periods and better fodder crops?

Compaction is damaging your profit margin - remove it with the Sward Lifter.
The Sward Lifter works by "heaving" the topsoil to just below the depth of the compaction. Our machine covers 2.4 metres per pass with three legs, a combination that we feel gives the optimum balance between surface disturbance and topsoil benefit. Followed by Guttler roller sets, the heave caused by the leg is lightly pressed back without undoing the work immediately (many other versions use heavy flat rollers with hydraulic pressure applied that effectively re-compact the ground, thereby undoing some of the work of the legs). We would recommend flat rolling after a fortnight to level the surface off and close up the slits fully. Some grass die-back will be seen adjacent to the slits, but the sward will return strongly along the slit after a short period.
    Unlock Full Topsoil Potential
Sward Lifter rear view   Your topsoil could be many inches deep, holding lots of vital minerals and trace elements.

If your ground is compacted, these are not accessible to the grass roots and are therefore wasted.

By removing the compaction and improving the friability of the topsoil, the roots can penetrate right down to the subsoil and benefit from maximum feed and moisture.

Feed applied as Fertiliser or FYM will be of far greater benefit as the elements can penetrate deeper.
Improve Water Permeation    
Loosening the topsoil creates a friable spongy condition that allows moisture to flow throughout, and reduces water-logging.

Moisture is available to the roots without causing rot.

Wet areas in the field will drain freely and drier areas will retain more moisture enabling improved growth during drier periods.

During heavy rain the soil is able to absorb more in a shorter space of time, resulting in far less run-off and significantly improved use of natural water.
  Sward Lifter - side view
    Improved Grazing Potential
After Sward Lifting   The Picture on the left shows a field in very late autumn, a few weeks after Sward Lifting. As you can see, the field is still being grazed despite significant rain.

Stock can graze far later into the autumn, and can be turned out sooner in the spring.

The grass can cope far better with later and earlier grazing due to highly improved root structure.

Poaching is reduced significantly due to the improved drainage and tighter sward.

Increase Yields Naturally    
Fodder Crops can achieve far greater yields following Sward Lifting due to the extra availability of minerals and feed for the sward.

During a dry year, the extra moisture available will help maintain growth later into the season and reduce the risk of grasses dying back.

Fodder quality is improved with more access to deep minerals and moisture.

The cut hay crop (pictured right) was nearly double the previous year's yield despite reduced rainfall and no additional chemicals.
  Improved Forage Crop Yields
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Sward Lifter in operation 
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