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Complete Grass to Barn Haymaking Service

Take the stress out of hay production
Our experienced family team can help you achieve the best from your hay crop and make the whole process easy.
We will happily mow a crop for you to make yourself, make hay for you to bale yourself, or bale hay that you have made yourself.
Efficient Service    
Mowing hay crop   With large equipment available, once your crop is fit to cut, we can proceed with speed to ensure the optimum treatment of the grass.

Our experienced team can liaise with you, the customer, to ensure timely cutting, turning and baling of your precious hay crop.

Over 30 years of family experience making hay for the tough equine industry ensures we can offer you excellent guidance.
    Timely and Swift Operation
The making process is crucial to the production of a high quality hay crop, and turning the crop at the correct time and swiftly will ensure the whole crop makes evenly.

Our modern haymaking machinery will ensure that even larger fields of hay are made in a timely manner.

Don't take chances - take advantage of our professional service to get the very best hay for your animals or clients.
  Making your hay crop
Conventional Baling    
Conventional Baling    It may not be brand new, but our well maintained conventional baler ensures consistent bales that will handle, stack and store well.

Hydraulic pressure adjustment ensures bales are packed to the same density regardless of swath thickness.

Bales can be formed into eights for easy handling and collection either mechanically or by hand.
    Carting Service
Our combination of Tele-handler with flat-eight grab, and large low-loader enable us to clear your crop quickly and safely from the field and deliver it to your hay store.

There's nothing worse than producing quality hay only to see it damaged by a rain shower because you couldn't get it under cover in time.

With British weather becoming more unpredictable, we can help tip the odds in your favour.
  Bale Carting 
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Turning Hay
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