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25' bed High Speed Low Loader & 14ton/m Crane

Perfect for moving Agricultural requisites
A hugely capable combination of trailer and crane, capable of shifting anything from containers to machines.
Flexible Combination    
Flexible combination    A 25 foot steel bed with beavertail, full width hydraulic ramp and strong tie down points, this trailer enables us to carry a huge variety of agricultural items including bales, fertiliser (pictured), machines, seed bags, and implements.

Modified from a commercial step-frame trailer, the axles are air-suspended, air braked and have a full ABS system allowing safe transport at speed.
    Capable Crane
With the compact but powerful Crane fitted to the drawbar on the trailer, the combination is self sufficient, even when loading unpowered machines or large static items like this field shelter (pictured).

The Crane is rated at 14 tonnes/metre enabling around a tonne to be lifted at a full stretch of more than 20 foot.
  Crane in Use
Container Locks    
Container movement   With twist-locks fitted to the bed of the trailer, an ISO spec. 20 foot container (pictured) can be lifted onto the bed, locked down and safely transported, for agricultural purposes.

If you need a container in an off-road location, we can collect it from the roadside, transport it to your location and safely place it where you need it.

Ideal safe secure storage for gamekeepers, farmers, etc.
    Agricultural Movements
With a strong steel bed and full width hydraulic steel ramp, agricultural machines and other items can be loaded and carried with ease and safety.

The steel bed allows carriage of crawlers, including 360 degree excavators, and other agricultural equipment.
   Agricultural Movements
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Low Loader & Crane
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