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Rotary and flail grass cutting

Regular contracts, or one off cutting, of neat grass or scrub
Topping is a reliable method to keep your grass in good condition and keep on top of larger weeds.
Regular cutting helps maintain a consistent sward and encourages strong re-growth for amenity, cropping or grazing.
Tractor & Rotary Topper    
Tractor Mounted Topper   From paddocks to large acreages, we can keep your grass topped and reduce the spread of larger weeds like thistles, nettles and docks.

Our Tractor mounted rotary topper leaves a consistent level finish and keeps grasses under control while chopping out taller weeds. If caught before seeding, this can hugely reduce the spread of nettles, thistles etc.

We can offer regular trimming or single cut to suit your needs.
    Quad Bike & Flail
For smaller acreages, or paddocks, we can also offer our trailed Flail mower. This allows access into tight spots, mowing over rougher ground and leaves a clean finish by chopping the cut grass up finely. This aids decomposition.

Fitted with a smooth roller, the mower leaves an excellent finish and  due to the LGP tyres, can be used in amenity situations without leaving tyre marks
  Flail Topping 
Tractor & Flail Topper    
Tractor Mounted Flail Topper   For larger acreages and rougher areas, our Tractor mounted Flail is ideal, offering the ability to cope with thick grass, tussocks, and weed material.

With the fitted roller it leaves a tidy finish and the whale tail blades cut shorter grass to a fine finish.

Regular cutting will help reduce the weed burden and improve the grass condition over time.
Contact us for prices and availability / timings
Before topping:                                                                      After Topping:
Before Topping with Tractor Mounted Flail After Topping with Tractor Mounted Flail
Tractor Mounted Flail
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