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4 Disc Cutter. (Clearance service available)
Massive 8 metre reach both to the side and upwards.

A clean cut up to 8 inch thickness, and no nasty jagged ends!
Our long reach hedge cutter can be fitted with our Quadsaw circular saw combination, allowing one pass recovery of thick hedges, trimming of branches, and quick reduction of hedge height, in a safe and controlled way.
The saw blades cut cleanly - don't settle for the smashed up results from a Flail machine that look untidy and take time to grow out.
Remove Hanging Branches    
Quadsaw 001   The easiest way to cut back overhanging or dead branches. No more hanging from a bucket with your chainsaw.

Cutting up to 8 inch branches with ease, the Quadsaw will very quickly open up your headlands, or allow access under any trees within your fields and allow full grazing, maintenance or cropping.

Don't expose yourself to broken lights, beacons, panels, cab roofs or even expensive GPS units.
Cut Back Overgrown Hedges
Overgrown hedges can be very tough to bring back into shape, either to recover ground, or for stewardship schemes. Flail cutters leave a horrible mess and don't give a clean finish with thicker branches.

With the Quadsaw, an unruly hedge can be brought in line quickly and tidily. One pass of the 6 foot blades will often recover the side of a hedge back to the desired size. Don't slave for days with a chainsaw  - we can save you time, effort and money.
  Quadsaw Overgrown Hedge

Large Vertical Reach
Quadsaw Height   With a vertical reach of more than 8 metres, the Quadsaw can prune large trees with ease and protect even the biggest combines, sprayers etc. from branch damage, saving you money.

We can use the Quadsaw to prune back large trees, in Parkland for example, allowing full management of the growth and removal of dead branches.

If your Leylandii hedge has got away from you, the Quadsaw can recover it for you with a clean and even cut, regardless of height. We can also reduce the height if your hedge has overgrown, with one easy pass.

With new Stewardship schemes demanding hedges of specific dimensions, why struggle when we can reshape your hedge in a few easy passes.

And with our clean up option, we can gather up any branches, or cuttings for your easy disposal.
    Wide Outward Reach
With around 8 metres of outward reach, we can safely remove large branches from trees even when direct access is an issue.

Close cutting is still possible due to the geometry of the machine.

Additionally the Quadsaw can cut branches without the risk of them falling onto the tractor itself.
  Quadsaw 002
Capable Cutting    
Quadsaw Head   The Cutting head (pictured left) is made up of 4 circular blades that spin at around 3000rpm and form a 6 foot cutting area.  The hardened-tip blades will cut through hedges and branches with ease, leaving a clean cut.

Due to the design, even fine wispy hedge material cuts cleanly and there is rarely any need for a finishing pass with a flail cutter (although we can provide this).

Don't be fooled - this is not like the traditional, and  extremely dangerous, single disc units!
    Clearance Service
The Quadsaw cuts, rather than chops which leaves a clean finish with heavier material. The downside is that it generates a fair quantity of cut material.

Many customers clear this with their own machines, but if required we can supply an additional staff member and Telehandler to push up the material for disposal.

Where appropriate, larger limbs can be chopped up for firewood, and thinner material burnt on site.
Contact us for prices and availability / timings

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